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August 2020



SOLIDARITYRights Advocates Support Black Americans

Karin Falcone Krieger Since the recent murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, dozens of disability rights organizations are showing solidarity with Black Americans. Statements from groups representing a wide range of disabilities express outrage and grief, educate and guide their memberships, and commit to addressing institutional and in-house racism as well. Center for Disability Rights (CDR) said in a statement, “Acceptance of this violence and willingness to dismiss it as the act of a “few bad apples” is rooted in white privilege and perpetuates the injustice… This violence, rooted in institutional racism and white supremacy, will continue to kill Black and Brown people unless we all make the systemic changes needed to stop it. For too long, we have put the onus on the Black and Brown community to change a system they do not control, perpetuating their disenfranchisement. It is incumbent on all of us, especially white people, to fix what is broken. White silence and passivity perpetuate the violence and is unacceptable.”




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